Canon Andrew White – Towards a One World Church



                                     Yasser Arafat                    Andrew White


Andrew White, Canon of Coventry Cathedral and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy to the Middle East, is probably the only man in the world to maintain a relationship with both Israelis and Palestinians.

The ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Seeks to Quiet The World’s Longest-Running Feud

Canon Andrew White is a quintessential English clergyman who plays a central role in the Middle East peace process.

He’s either the antichrist or the ”vicar of Baghdad,” depending on your point of view. White assisted in the recent launch of the Iraqi Centre for Reconciliation, Dialogue and Peace in Baghdad.


Another religious leader who has shown an interest in White’s work is Benny Hinn. 

The healing evangelist interviewed him recently on his TV program–and was clearly impressed with the gently spoken Anglican clergyman.


Sheikh Tamimi. Now, who is Sheikh Tamimi?”


Well, Sheikh Tamimi is the Alexandria processess–the religious Track of the Middle East peace processess–which really came about when the Israeli government came to me soon after the establishment. Uh, the second, in spite, said:’Look, one of the reasons why the Mid-East Process has failed is it’s too secular.’ And the Sheikh Tamimi is the leader, the Supreme, the super-judge of the Sharia Court, the Islamic courts of Palestine.

White shares with Hinn a discussion he had with Tamimi:

And I was with him one day and he was complaining that I hadn’t mentioned him on the God Channel. So I said:

‘What you doing watching the God Channel?’

He said that:

‘We watch it everyday to watch Benny Hinn.’

I said:

‘You, the Supreme Islamic Judge, the top Islamic Cleric of Palestine, watch Benny Hinn?’

‘Yeah. Everyday.’ And, uh, then he starts telling me what the program was like.

He said:

‘Benny Hinn stretches his hands out. He prays for people and they fall down.


Well, Tamimi said:

‘We need Pastor Benny Hinn.’ And I was sitting down with him one day around Yasser Arafat’s table, and he said to President Arafat, he said,

‘Raese, we need Benny Hinn.’

He [Tamimi] said to me:

‘Arafat raised his eyebrows and said:

He’s one of our boys.’

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